Lemon Squeezy Fees

When you make a sale using Lemon Squeezy we take a small fee, known as the “platform fee” to cover the costs of credit card transaction fees, currency conversion fees, etc. and the net sales will be paid out to your bank account or PayPal account. We take care of all of these individual fees so that you only have to know about one single, simple fee and the rest goes straight into your pocket.

The platform fee is calculated on the total order value and collected when the order is placed. If the order is from an international card (outside of the US) or from PayPal we add an additional 1% to the platform fee to cover processing fees. Note that Lemon Squeezy does not charge any fees for payouts. 

For example, if you are on the Fresh plan our platform fee is 8% + 30c. If you make a sale for $10 the platform fee will be: 

8% of $10 (80c) + 30c = $1.10

If you are on the Sweet plan our platform fee is 3.5% + 30c. If you make a sale for $10 the platform fee will be:

3.5% of $10 (35c) + 30c = $0.65

You can see information about your current plan and platform fees via your store billing page.

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