How to use a custom domain for your Lemon Squeezy store

Dan Rowden  ·  April 17, 2023

By default, all stores on Lemon Squeezy are given a free subdomain at signup, like my-store.lemonsqueezy.com.

But you can easily use your own custom domain for your storefront and product URLs. Custom domains will also work for Customer Portal and update payment method URLs.

1. Add your custom domain in Lemon Squeezy

To set up a custom domain for your store, go to Settings > Domains and click the plus button.

Input the custom domain you want to use for your store in the "Domain" field. This can be either an apex domain (like "mystore.com") or a subdomain (like "shop.mydomain.com").

2. Create an A record in your DNS settings

Now you need to go to your domain host (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, Hover etc.) and create a new A record.

Input your subdomain, or for an apex domain you will likely need to use "@" as the value. Add the IP address shown in the Lemon Squeezy form and make sure you save the changes to your DNS settings.

In Namecheap, it will look like this:

Make sure you don't have any other A or AAAA records set up on the same domain or subdomain.

3. Verify your domain

Now that the DNS record is created, you can go back to Lemon Squeezy and click "Verify Domain".

You may see an error message that the DNS has not been set up. This is normal in most cases, as DNS changes can take hours to propagate and show up around the internet.

You can leave this page now that Lemon Squeezy knows your custom domain has been set up. The system will keep checking for your DNS record and as soon as it sees it, your custom domain will be active.

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