How to sync customer data to Fernand

Dan Rowden  ·  June 2, 2023

Fernand is a modern customer support tool designed for SaaS — It’s fast, modern, and built to be calm, reducing the anxiety of answering support requests.

How it works

After you’ve connected your Lemon Squeezy account to Fernand, you’ll be able to see customer subscription and payment information in the context of each customer conversation.

This enables you to easily troubleshoot failed payments, incomplete transactions and provides more insights into customer payment status right within your customer support tool.

How to connect Fernand with Lemon Squeezy

In your Fernand settings select the Integrations option in the left-hand navigation.

Click on the "Connect Lemon Squeezy" button. You’ll be taken to your Lemon Squeezy account and will be prompted to accept the connection.

That's it!

You will now be able to see customer payment information populating on Fernand's conversation listing and detail sidebar, directly in context.

How to automate your inbox with customer data

In Fernand you can set up automations based on your Lemon Squeezy payment data.

In this example, we'll set up an auto reply to all "Premium" plan customers.

1. Create a new rule

In your settings, go to Rules, click on “Add rule” and enter a name for your rule.

2. Select a trigger

You can choose from different triggers that will start the automation. To apply your rule to every new incoming conversation, select "When a conversation is created".

3. Select a condition

Now you can choose when to trigger your rule.

With the Lemon Squeezy integration, you have two options:

  1. Contact is a customer, which will trigger every time a contact email address matches a customer on Lemon Squeezy.
  2. Contact has paid plan, which will trigger every time a contact email address matches a customer who has purchased a specific product (e.g. “Free”, “Premium”, or “Business”). If necessary, you can create rules for each product you offer to apply different prioritization or automation strategies.

4. Select an action

Now you can choose what should happen when the event is triggered (you can even select multiple actions). A powerful way to automate your inbox is to use the auto-reply feature. For example, you can automatically reply to customers on the free plan to let them know that you usually reply a bit slower.

Some useful actions available in Fernand are:

  • Reply with a custom message that can include variables
  • Send data to a webhook
  • Tag a conversation
  • Assign conversations to specific agent(s) either normally or in round-robin fashion
  • Change a conversation's status

Disconnecting Fernand

If at any time you would like to disconnect Fernand from your Lemon Squeezy store, head to Settings > Integrations in Lemon Squeezy . Click the Fernand "Settings" button, and you will see an option to disconnect your account.

Deleting your organization on Fernand will also disconnect your Lemon Squeezy integration automatically.

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