Getting started guide

Welcome to Lemon Squeezy, the easiest way to sell digital products and power SaaS payments.

This guide will take you through the steps for signing up, setting up your store and selling your first products!

If you're a developer looking to integrate with our API, make sure to read the Developer guide once you've finished getting set up.

Sign up

The first step is to create a user account in Lemon Squeezy.

Head to, where you can sign up with an email address and password or sign in with Google or Twitter.

You will be sent an email to confirm your email address. Click the button and your account is live!

The next step is to create your first store.

Tip! You can manage more than one store from one user account.

Your store is now created! Let’s quickly run through what’s in your Lemon Squeezy account.

Note that your account is initially created in Test mode. To go live you will need to activate your store (we’ll go through this below), but before then you can try out adding products, configuring your store and even making test purchases from your checkout links.

An overview of your account

Setup checklist

When you first create a new store, you are shown a helpful list of things to do to make sure you have everything set up correctly ready for sales.


When you log in or go to you will see your dashboard. This is the hub of your account and shows you business-related charts, like recent revenue and customer numbers.

Tip! You can edit every chart on this page to show a different metric, so you can really make this dashboard your own.


In the Store section, you can add products and discounts as well as view your customers and their orders.


Lemon Squeezy’s email marketing features are found here. After a quick signup form, you will have access to our powerful editor and view all of your subscribers.


Lemon Squeezy offers you a hosted storefront, which you can customize from the Design menu item.


Edit all of your store settings here. Start developing with our API. Set up a custom domain for your storefront. Integrate your store with other platforms. Link your bank account or PayPal for payouts.

Adding products

Whether you're selling digital products, subscriptions or anything else, it's easy to create new products in Lemon Squeezy.

You can sell one-off products, subscriptions, lead magnets (free products) and pay-what-you-want products.

You can create variants, allowing you to sell different versions or tiers of the same product.

There are also options for how customers receive your content: you can upload files, which customers can download from their email receipts or account, or redirect customers to specific URLs after purchase.

Find out more about adding and managing products

Setting up your storefront

Out of the box, Lemon Squeezy creates a beautiful storefront. Simply share the link online and start selling your products!

If you want to fine-tune your store’s layout, you can customise it in the Design section of your account.

There are a number of different design options available, giving you countless variations of storefront layouts. You can even capture email subscribers from your storefront by enabling an email form.

Add a payout method

Now your store is ready for sales, you should add a payout option to your account so we can send you your money!

Go to Settings > Payouts and link a PayPal or bank account.

You can find out more about how payouts work and which countries are supported on the Getting paid docs.

Going live

Activate your store

When you're ready to go live, you need to activate your store.

We review every new store to make sure it adheres to our terms and that you’re not selling anything on our prohibited product list.

Lemon Squeezy acts as your Merchant of Record, meaning we are responsible for all of our sellers’ sales. This is why we need to just double check every store before we enable sales.

When you’re ready to start selling for real, activate your store by filling in our quick form. Approvals usually take 1–2 business days.

Migrating products to your live store

Until your store is activated you can use your account in test mode and make test payments through your product’s checkout links.

You may want to copy over your test products into your live store, which you can do easily using the “Copy to Live Mode” option.

Now you're ready to make sales!

Simply share your hosted store URL, or go to one of your products and click "Share", which will reveal a preview and some options for creating checkout links.

Then all that's left is to share your links on your website, in your app, in emails or elsewhere online.

Next steps

That wraps up the getting started guide. Now you are all set up to make sales and get paid!

Here are a few helpful links to get more out of Lemon Squeezy:

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