How to offer purchasing power parity pricing with ParityDeals

Dan Rowden  ·  February 14, 2023

ParityDeals is a platform that enables automatic pricing optimisation based on customers' geographical location, often called "purchasing power parity" pricing.

You are also able to use ParityDeals to offer automatic time-based discounts and discounts based around holidays throughout the year.

Note: you can only integrate with ParityDeals if you use buy buttons on your own website or app because ParityDeals needs to show a banner to your customer before they enter the checkout. It does not work on your Lemon Squeezy storefront because it's not currently possible to add custom scripts.

How it works

After you've set up ParityDeals on your website, a banner will be added to your page for customers in different countries. This banner contains a discount code based on their location, which will offer them a discounted price at checkout.

Discount codes are created and managed by ParityDeals, and you can see each one all within Lemon Squeezy from Store > Discounts.

How to set up ParityDeals with Lemon Squeezy

1. Sign up to ParityDeals

Go to app.paritydeals.com and sign up. Once you've created your account you will see the option to create deals. Select Lemon Squeezy from the dropdown.

2. Create and paste a Lemon Squeezy API key

Go to Settings > API in Lemon Squeezy and create a new API key (call it something like "ParityDeals" to keep your keys organised).

Copy the API key and paste it into ParityDeals to connect your accounts.

3. Create deals

Now you need to create deals in ParityDeals.

First you'll see a list of your Lemon Squeezy products. Select the ones you want to create a deal with.

The next step is to add some settings. Input your website URL and optional targeted pages (adding targeted pages means that the discount banner will only load on certain pages on your website). Then select the type of deal you want to create.

The next step is to determine the countries you want to target and the discount amount you want to offer. ParityDeal provides a good list of defaults for this.

The final step is to configure the banner that will be added to your site. You can change the text, design and position of the banner.

4. Add the ParityDeals script to your site

Now that your deal has been created, you just need to add the ParityDeals script to your site. The script looks out for visits from the countries you've set in your deals and shows a banner with the corresponding discount code.

You're all set to offer time-based, location-based and holiday deals to your customers!

For more information, you can read the ParityDeals documentation.

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