Getting Started

Getting paid

Lemon Squeezy believes that selling digital goods should be easy peasy. That includes getting paid. We do the hard work so that you can focus on doing what’s important, creating awesome products!

When you make a sale using Lemon Squeezy we take a small fee to cover the costs of credit card transaction fees, currency conversion fees, taxes (yes we cover taxes), etc. and the net sales will be paid out to your bank account or PayPal account. We take care of all of these individual fees so that you only have to know about one single, simple fee and the rest goes straight into your pocket.

Bank payouts

You can set up payouts to be sent right to your bank account at Settings > Payouts.

As part of connecting your bank account, you may be asked to verify your identity for fraud prevention.

PayPal payouts

You can choose to have payouts sent to your PayPal account at Settings > Payouts.

You can use a Personal or Business PayPal account but it will need to be a verified account.

Supported countries

You can sell on Lemon Squeezy if you can get paid into a bank or PayPal account located in one of our hundreds of supported countries.


Payouts are created twice monthly on the 1st and 15th of the month and include all sales since the last payout. Net sales are held for 13 days before becoming available for payout on the 14th and 28th of the month. Payouts can take 1-5 days to appear in your bank account.

For example, if you make a sale on the 4th of the month, it will be included in the payout created on the 15th, and paid out on the 28th.

Payout fees

Lemon Squeezy will always try to minimise any fees associated with payouts. However, we will deduct a small fee from your payout total to cover processing and conversion fees. The actual fee varies depending on your payout method, region and settlement currency. Read more about payout fees.


Bank payouts will be made in USD. For bank payouts to a currency other than USD, the total will be converted to your chosen currency.

PayPal payouts will be made in USD. Note that PayPal may charge you a fee to convert or withdraw your money once it’s in your PayPal account. Read more about PayPal fees here.

Payout threshold

There is a minimum payout threshold of $50. If your upcoming payout doesn’t meet this threshold it will remain “Pending” and be rolled over to the next payout cycle. This will happen each week until the upcoming payout meets the required threshold. You can check the status of your upcoming payout from Settings > Payouts.

Payout invoices

For every payout you will be able to download a "reverse invoice", which is a record of the amount you have been paid by Lemon Squeezy. This reverse invoice is created automatically and means you don't need to invoice Lemon Squeezy for each payout.

Payout invoices can be downloaded individually from Settings > Payouts using the "Generate Invoice" option.

You can add your business and tax information to payout receipts by using the "Payout invoice info" field. We recommend adding your business name, address and tax number to all invoices. Any changes to this setting will be reflected in future invoice downloads, so you are able to retrospectively add payout information to your previous payout invoices.