Affiliates (for affiliates)

Generating referrals

Once you're part of an affiliate program you will be given an affiliate URL, which contains a unique affiliate code.

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Your affiliate URL will contain your affiliate code like this: ?aff=1234

How to generate referrals

Every time a prospective customer visits one of your affiliate URLs, an anonymous unique identifier will be created in our system. If they then buy a product within a certain period (determined by each program individually; the default is 30 days) a referral will be created.

Tracking referrals with Lemon Squeezy requires no cookies and is privacy-friendly.

Using Creatives

Each affiliate program can upload branded campaign assets for you to use. These creatives should be considered the official copy and images that you can use to promote products.

In your Affiliate hub you will find a Creatives section where you will find all creatives uploaded by your affiliate programs.

Click on a creative to see a preview and access its HTML embed code.

Viewing referrals

You can see all of the clicks and referrals generated from your affiliate links in the Affiliate Hub.

Every referral is initially marked as "Accepted". However, the status of a referral may change to one of the following:

AcceptedThe default status for a referral.
In ReviewA merchant can flag a referral as “in review” to manually review it. Referrals can also become “in review” if the order has an unresolved dispute. These referrals will not be paid out until they are “accepted”.
PendingOnce a payout has been created for an affiliate, any referrals that belong to the payout will become “pending”.
PaidA referral becomes “paid” once a payout has been settled.
RejectedA merchant can flag a referral as “rejected” if they decide it is invalid.
VoidWhen the referral order has been refunded the referral will become void.

All accepted referrals will be grouped together into your next payout.

The Affiliate Hub