PayPal Subscriptions

Customers have the flexibility of checking out with PayPal with a subscription in their cart. However, there are a few differences and limitations if this option is selected compared to regular subscriptions.


The main limitation with PayPal subscriptions is that any changes to a subscription need to be confirmed by the customer via PayPal itself. This means that customers will have the ability to manage their subscription in the customer portal or via the My Orders section of Lemon Squeezy, but merchants are limited in how much they can change a subscription. There are also some functional limitations outlined below:

  • Discounts can not be applied to any subscription that requires a setup fee
  • PayPal can not be used as a payment method if the subscription product has usage-based billing enabled
  • When updating a subscription, customers cannot change the product they are subscribed to; only the variant
  • Updating subscriptions via the API is not possible for PayPal-based subscriptions. Instead, the customer can be directed to the customer portal to manage their subscription
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