Sales tax & VAT

Lemon Squeezy is known as the “merchant of record” for all sales through our platform. That means we take care of a lot of the headaches that are normally associated with selling goods online. For example, you don’t have to worry about collecting and remitting sales tax (including international tax like VAT) as Lemon Squeezy simply takes care of it for you. This is possible because Lemon Squeezy is technically selling products on your behalf and therefore we are liable for all of the complicated bits. Making your life that much simpler.

Sales tax will appear in your orders and invoices in Lemon Squeezy so you can see when we’ve charged sales tax. If sales tax has been applied to an order, we will deduct it from your next payout so that we can report and remit it.

For example, say you sell a product for $10. Someone in the EU purchases your product and Lemon Squeezy adds 20% VAT ($2) to the order total. The order total is now $12. The net profit that will be paid to you will be calculated as:

Lemon Squeezy platform fee$0.72
Net profit (total - tax - platform fee)$9.28

Do I need to report & pay tax?

As Lemon Squeezy is a merchant of record, you shouldn't need to report sales tax for sales you make through Lemon Squeezy. However, you may need to pay tax on the income you receive from Lemon Squeezy in the form of payouts. Each business is different, so we recommend you get some legal advice from a tax expert in your country to find out exactly where you stand on this.

Merchant of Record