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Lemon Squeezy Fees

Payment fees

When you make a sale using Lemon Squeezy, we take a small fee, known as the “platform fee”, to cover the costs of credit card transaction fees, currency conversion fees, taxes (yes, we cover taxes) etc. and the net sales will be paid out to your bank account or PayPal account.

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The platform fee is calculated on the total order value and collected when the order is placed. There are certain times when an additional fee might be added to the platform fee to cover processing fees:

  • +1.5% for international (outside of the US) transactions
  • +1.5% for PayPal transactions
  • +0.5% for subscription payments

Here's an example breakdown where someone in France (20% VAT) buys a digital product with a card.

Product price$20.00
Tax (20% VAT)$4.00
Lemon Squeezy platform fee ($0.50 + 5% of total + 1.5% int'l payment)$2.06
Net profit (total - tax - platform fee)$17.94

You can see information about your current plan and platform fees via your store plan page.

Payout fees

Lemon Squeezy will always try to minimise any fees associated with payouts. However, we will deduct a small fee from your payout total to cover processing and conversion fees. The actual fee varies depending on your payout method, region and settlement currency.

Payouts via Stripe

0.5% + $2.50 per payout for bank accounts in the US and 2.5% + $2.50 per payout for bank accounts outside the US.

Payouts via PayPal

A flat fee of $0.50 per payout for accounts in the US and 3% capped at $30 per payout for accounts outside the US.

Marketing fees

Some of Lemon Squeezy's marketing features also have additional fees. These include:

Custom pricing

If you're a fast-growing or established large-scale business, sell products lower than $10, or have a business model that processes a high volume of transactions, contact our sales team for custom pricing.

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