Affiliates (for merchants)


In the Creatives page, you can upload images and text to provide affiliates promoting your product(s) with officially-branded assets.

You can upload text or image assets and assign URLs. Each creative can also have a custom name, allowing you to group certain creatives by promotion or campaign.

Adding creatives

Each creative has a public name and description as well as a URL.

You can show and hide each creative from your affiliates by toggling between the Active and Draft statuses.

You can upload an unlimited number of creatives.

How affiliates use creatives

When it comes to an affiliate sharing your creatives, they can see all "Active" creatives in their Affiliate Hub. A search feature lets affiliates easily find assets for your program’s campaigns.

Then they can easily copy a pre-generated script—including the text or image plus the link—for quick online sharing.

Managing affiliates and referrals