Online Store


The design settings allows users to configure the general and aesthetic settings of their online store. The design settings are divided into various sections, each dedicated to different aspects of the store's appearance and functionality.


Themes are a set of pre-defined colors schemes for your store. You can choose from a selection of themes to suit your store's needs. While the theme allows you to quickly change the color scheme of your store, you can also customize some of the colors of your store manually from the Appearance section of each page.

You can also customize Button and Button text colors, which changes the color of buttons and their text respectively for all themes. You can also override the button color for each page from the Appearance section of each page.

Overriding theme colors

Each page in Design allows overriding the theme colors for that page. This allows you to gain finer controls across variety of your store pages like Store, Checkout, Overlay checkout, Customer Portal, Emails, etc.

Note that when overriding theme colors, each page may offer different set of controls for overidding the colors.

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