Marketplace Guidelines

The Lemon Squeezy Marketplace is on a mission to be the number one destination for creators and makers to share their SaaS, apps, kits, tools and digital products with the world — making it easy-peasy for customers to discover the best digital goods from across a huge range of product types, all in one place.

Attaching products to marketplace listings

It’s important to note, that marketplace listings are essentially a public destination for visitors to discover your products, they do not replace your existing Lemon Squeezy store items. Your own store and products remain intact.

Before submitting a marketplace listing, your product must already exist via your own Lemon Squeezy storefront. When you create a new marketplace listing you simply begin composing your details and then attach the matching product(s) or variants from your existing store.

When someone makes a marketplace purchase, they will essentially be going through your existing checkout from inside the marketplace. Details such as price, quantity, variants, subscriptions etc. are all set via your own existing products and these will be automatically applied to your marketplace listing.

Required: Your product must already exist as a product in your Lemon Squeezy store. Eligibility: Your product must have reached at least 3 sales on your own Lemon Squeezy store, or had at least $50 in total sales.

You can view which of your products are eligible already via your Products > Marketplace dashboard.

Marketplace Listing Guidelines

In order to ensure consistency and quality across the entire marketplace, we have created some guidelines and recommendations to help you get the most out of your marketplace listing.

Review Queue: All listings are subject to our approval process, which may take a few days or weeks to process, depending on the size of the queue. Please be patient, we guarantee a reply to all requests in due time. Correct, informative listings are more likely to be approved right away.

If a product listing is rejected, you will be provided with some context explaining the decision, and where possible some guidance will be given about improvements that could be made to the product or listing.

To help customers find your product efficiently via our marketplace search and discovery tools, we do require that each listing contains as much useful information as possible. Here’s what we think makes an ideal marketplace listing…


A simple product title works best in most cases. Feel free to add a short, additional tagline or description to the title too. For example: “LemonFolio” works or “LemonFolio — The Ultimate Framer Template” could also make a great product listing title.

  • Required: Title must be simple and compelling.
  • Recommended: Between 60 - 80 characters would be ideal.

Product Categories + Tags

One of the simplest ways to help customers find your product is simply by choosing the right category and providing a good number of relevant tags. We require at least 1 main category and a minimum of 3 tags to be chosen for each product. More tags (10+) would be recommended so long as they remain relevant to your product.

When it comes to choosing more tags, think about different search terms people might use to find your product, tag the software compatible with your product, or the tools it was built with, add descriptive terms, colors, design styles etc. Or simply tag certain features of your product.

Incorrectly tagged or categorized items may be rejected, or for small mistakes our curation team may make adjustments to correct your listing tags or category.

  • Required: 1 main category that best fits your product.
  • Required: 3 descriptive tags.
  • Recommended: 10 tags or more per product.
  • View all Categories at a glace.

Product thumbnails

Product thumbnails can be tricky, but spending some extra time to get them right can make all the difference. Your listing thumbnails should showcase your product effectively without being too overwhelming, focusing on visuals instead of text-heavy descriptions in your images would be ideal.

Thumbnails must accurately reflect your product and inform potential customers about what your product is and what the benefits of using it are. Your thumbnails alone should give visitors a good idea of what your product does. Failure to represent your product effectively may result in your listing being rejected by our curation team.

Please make sure important elements and text are not accidently cut out of view when displayed at a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Ideally we would like to see multiple images (6+) in order to display your product, but at 3+ images is a good starting point.

  • Required: Thumbnails must accurately reflect your product and showcase features effectively.
  • Required: 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Recommended: 1652 x 1240px image dimensions for HD previews.
  • Required: 1 main thumbnail image.
  • Recommended: At least 3 product images per listing, ideally 6+
  • Recommended: Focus on visuals, using screenshots or product mockups etc. Text can be used, but the core of each image should be focused on showcasing the product.
  • Prohibited: Copyrighted materials + brands


For now, we ask that all listings be in written in English. If your product is currently listed in another language we ask that you translate it to English for your marketplace listing.

  • Required: All listings to be written in English.

Linking to a preview of your product is a great way to share interactive demos, videos, galleries, explainers, presentations or landing pages with marketplace visitors. We encourage all listings to make use of the preview link input to share a single URL related to that product.

We ask that all links are solely focused on the product at hand, and these will only be accepted if they do a valid job of adding additional context to your product without distracting the buyer away from a marketplace purchase.

  • Recommended: A preview link that showcases your product without any buy links included.
  • Required: Preview links should be placed in their own input, not inside of your main listing.
  • Required: Preview links must be up to date and working.
  • Prohibited: We only accept links to product specific previews, videos, landing pages, explainers etc. Please also remove or limit any buy buttons in preview links. Too many buy buttons, or links to outside purchase options are not permitted.

Listing descriptions

Describing your product in the right way can be the difference between securing a sale or missing an opportunity. Highly detailed and informative listings are a must for any digital products, but especially on a marketplace when you have fresh viewers and potential customers who may not be familiar with your existing product or brand.

  • Tips: Please take an extra few minutes to provide a written description to support your listing, with a focus on informing brand new visitors. Where possible, highlight key features, address common pain points, describe what problem your product addresses, inform customers about your brand or story, explain what makes it unique, what requirements the item has to work and what software your product is made to work with.

When describing your item think about which keywords might be useful for SEO, and think about how you can write an informative, compelling product description with some personality.

Ideally we would like to see at least 2 paragraphs of text and a list of 5+ features / benefits as bullet points and a preview link to view your product in action where possible.

  • Required: At least 1 detailed paragraph explaining various aspects and requirements of your product. Failure to provide enough context will result in your listing being rejected.
  • Recommended: At least 2 paragraphs and a list of 5+ features or benefits.
  • Prohibited: No links in the product listing. Preview links should remain in their own input.
  • Prohibited: No coupon codes or promotions mentioned in your marketplace listing. While coupons etc. will still work via your product checkout, the marketplace listing should be a permanent listing that avoids any mention of time-limited promotions or coupons.
  • Prohibited: No referral links or codes allowed.
  • Required: Please keep listings to text only, using basic styles such as bold, italics and bullet points only. Excessive ‘decorations’ lines, symbols or emojis will be removed in favor of cleaner listings that are consistent across the board.

Approval process subject to change

Our listings and approval process is one that will improve and evolve over time. We try to remain fair and open to a wide range of product types, but ultimately we want all items in the marketplace to meet a level of standards that we are comfortable sharing as if they were our own.

We hope to include items from merchants at various different stages of their journey, but ultimately the final decision falls with us, and where possible we will leave the door open to re-submitting items that just fall short once we see some improvements to the product or listing.