Theme and plugin updates

Note: This feature is for developers who want to sell premium WordPress plugins/themes using Lemon Squeezy.

Using a combination of our License keys feature and our API you can offer automatic upgrades for your premium WordPress plugins/themes. Instead of having to implement this functionality manually, we've built it right into our WordPress plugin to make it even easier to get going. To offer plugin/theme updates via the Lemon Squeezy WordPress plugin, first you need to make sure that your product is configured as follows:

  1. Your product must have license keys enabled (subscription products with license keys also work)
  2. You must add version numbers to your product files.

Next, use these instructions to add the required PHP code to your plugin/theme to configure it to send update requests to your WordPress site running the Lemon Squeezy WordPress plugin instead of WordPress.org. For more information on how this process works, see our example plugin which demonstrates how to set the code up in your own WordPress plugin.

Finally, release a new version of your WordPress plugin/theme which includes the updater code.

Now, every time you release a new version of your plugin/theme you should upload it as a new file in your Lemon Squeezy product and give it a file version. Your customers that have a valid license key will be able to update the plugin/theme as normal via their WordPress dashboard.

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