Refunds and chargebacks


Lemon Squeezy encourages sellers to make their own decision about refund policies based on their own business needs and requirements. If you do choose to offer refunds, they can be issued at any time via the Lemon Squeezy dashboard. The refunded amount (minus our platform fee) will be deducted from your next payout.

That being said, Lemon Squeezy reserves the right to issue refunds within 60 days of purchase, at its own discretion, in order to prevent chargebacks. So if you choose to have a "no refunds" policy, be aware that customers can issue chargebacks at any time against their purchases.


A chargeback (or charge reversal, charge dispute etc.) happens when a customer asks their credit card provider to cancel a charge on their credit card statement. Chargebacks can be made for a variety of reasons, typically for fraud.

Generally, Lemon Squeezy is responsible for handling any chargebacks made against your sales. In most cases, we will offer a full refund on your behalf and deduct the refunded amount (minus our platform fee) plus a $15 dispute fee from your next payout.

Chargebacks can happen for several reasons:

  • Someone purchased a product using a stolen credit card, and the credit card provider is now cancelling that charge.
  • A customer does not recognize the charge on their credit card statement and asks for the charge to be reversed.
  • A customer believes they have not received the product they paid for and, instead of asking you for a refund, contacts their credit card provider to cancel the charge.

When a chargeback does occur, we will provide as much information as we can to the payment provider to make a case on your behalf. However, this is as much as we can legally do. After making our case it’s up to the payment provider to decide the outcome.

If your account has had too many chargebacks issued against it, our team may get involved and your account may be suspended.