Affiliates (for merchants)

Managing affiliates and referrals

You can manage your affiliate program from the Affiliates section in your dashboard.

View and manage affiliates

You can browse and search all of your affiliates from the Overview page.

By clicking on an affiliate, you can bring up their profile. From this panel you can see, edit and share their unique referral link, leave internal notes as well as view a timeline of their activity.

By clicking on “Manage products” you can select which products affiliates can earn commissions on and also set individual commission rates for each.

There are also panels showing each affiliate’s full history of clicks, referrals and payouts giving you a full overview of how well individual affiliates are helping your business.

View and manage referrals

On the Clicks and Referrals pages you can see a rundown of every click and referral generated by your affiliates.

On the Referrals page you can manually approve, review or reject each referral, giving you complete control over which referrals are rewarded with commission.

Viewing payouts

All of the affiliate payouts that have been made to your affiliates can be found on the Payouts page. Clicking on a payout will show more details in a side panel, where you can also download an invoice PDF.

Getting referrals