Adding a custom domain

You can add a custom domain to your Lemon Squeezy store (like or allowing you to use branded URLs for your store and products.

Where a custom domain is used

When a custom domain is set up for your store it will be used across your whole account:

  • in all product Share URLs generated from the dashboard
  • in all checkout URLs created with the API
  • in Store API objects (url and domain)
  • in Product API objects (buy_now_url)
  • in Subscription API objects (urls.update_payment_method and urls.customer_portal)
  • in Customer API objects (urls.customer_portal)
  • in "Affiliate signup URL" and as the default "Affiliate referral URL" in Affiliates settings

Updating your DNS records

On your domain provider’s website, log in to your account. Find the DNS settings or domain management area. Create or update the A record that's listed in your Lemon Squeezy DNS instructions panel at Settings > Domain.

Make sure there is only one A record for your chosen custom domain/subdomain. If you have multiple records (either A or AAAA), the custom domain initiation process will not work.

Exporting subscribers