Migrating from Paddle

We currently support migrating your products, customers, payment methods, transactions, subscriptions, coupons and license keys from Paddle. We work with Paddle to securely migrate your data to Lemon Squeezy while maintaining PCI compliance. Contact us to get started.

Migration Process

If you haven't done so already, you should sign up for a Lemon Squeezy account then create and activate your store.

The process of migrating from Paddle to Lemon Squeezy happens in two phases:

Phase 1: Data Migration

In phase 1, we will migrate your data from Paddle to Lemon Squeezy.

  1. You request a secure data migration (payment methods) from Paddle
  2. You send us the required Paddle information
  3. We import your data into Lemon Squeezy
  4. You test your Lemon Squeezy store and add any missing data

Phase 2: Go Live

In phase 2, we will help you go live with your Lemon Squeezy store and recreate any subscriptions from your Paddle account.

  1. You start using Lemon Squeezy for new sales
  2. We import any recent data from Paddle that was not included in the initial migration
  3. If you have subscriptions, we recreate any Paddle subscriptions in Lemon Squeezy
  4. You ensure all subscriptions are cancelled in Paddle to avoid double billing

We will agree an "import date" with you so that you can coordinate switching over to Lemon Squeezy with your customers and ensure the steps in phase 2 happen at the same time.

Data Mapping

Paddle objects will be mapped to your Lemon Squeezy store in the following way:

Paddle objectLemon Squeezy object
License ActivationsLicense keys

Paddle information

Vendor ID & Auth Code

You will need to provide us with your Paddle vendor ID and an auth code. You can find these in your Paddle dashboard under Developer Tools > Authentication. We recommend you generate a new auth code for this purpose, so you can revoke it after the migration.

We'll use this key to import your products, customers, transactions, subscriptions, and coupons from Paddle to Lemon Squeezy. After the migration is complete, you should delete the auth code from your Paddle account.

Licenses Export

You need to send us a CSV export of your Paddle licenses data. You can export this data from the Paddle dashboard via Reports > Sent Licenses > Export Report. Make sure the date range covers all of your existing licenses.

Add Missing Data

There is certain information about your products that cannot be imported from your Paddle data. Once we have complete the initial migration of your Paddle data, you will need to manually add the following information to your products in your Lemon Squeezy store:

We recommend thoroughly testing your Lemon Squeezy store before going live to ensure that all your products are correctly configured.

Letting customers access their orders

Once you've migrated, your customers may need access to their orders in Lemon Squeezy.

Send them to app.lemonsqueezy.com/my-orders and ask them to log in using the email address they used to purchase from Paddle.

We'll send a magic link to their email address, which they can use to access all of their historical orders (and any future Lemon Squeezy orders).

Migrating from Stripe