Affiliates (for merchants)

Adding affiliates

Affiliates always apply to become part of your program. You cannot manually add affiliates.

New affiliates can find your affiliate program from the Program list in their Affiliate Hub, or you can share the Affiliate signup URL found at Settings > Affiliates.

When people apply to join your program, they will be asked to write a brief introduction. This will be available in your account along with their full affiliate profile.

Before an affiliate can apply to join an affiliate program, they will first be reviewed and vetted by Lemon Squeezy. Until they are approved, they cannot apply to any programs.

Approving and rejecting affiliates

If you have auto-approval turned off in your Affiliates settings, new affiliates who apply to join your program will be labelled as “Pending” in your Overview page.

Click on an affiliate so you can review their application and view their profile. Use the Accept or Reject buttons to confirm your choice.

Accepted affiliates will get access to your program in their Affiliate Hub and can start earning commission right away. They will also receive an email notifying them that they've been approved.

Rejecting an affiliate will mean they can no longer apply to your program (they will not receive notification that they weren't approved). It is possible to accept a rejected applicant to your program later on, but only by contacting Lemon Squeezy support.

If you have auto-approval turned on, all new applicants (who have already been reviewed and approved into the system by Lemon Squeezy) will be added to your program immediately after they apply and will be labelled as “Active”.

You can always change your auto-approve setting from Settings > Affiliates.

Getting set up