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Customer Portal

The Customer Portal lets your customers manage subscriptions and billing information without you having to build a billing portal from scratch in your app.

Simply send your customers to a no-code Lemon Squeezy-hosted Customer Portal, where they have all the tools they need to manage their subscriptions.

In comparison to My Orders, Customer Portal is a billing portal for your subscription customers that is limited to your store only. My Orders is a global account for customers to access all their orders from any Lemon Squeezy-powered store.

About the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is meant as a single place for your customers to manage their whole subscription lifecycle.

Customers can view active and expired subscriptions, along with related license keys and downloadable files, plus a full billing history:

They can easily change between different subscription products:

And pause/unpause and cancel/resume subscriptions:

Customers can add, edit and delete payment methods and assign different payment methods to different subscriptions:

And they can update their billing information and tax ID, which will apply to future payments and invoices:

Instead of building a full billing section into your app you can send customers to the Customer Portal using a single URL.

The Customer Portal can always be accessed via the URL


If you have a custom domain set up, this link changes to

Customers will have to go through a magic link sign in flow if they're not already signed in on

A second way to link to the portal is to use a signed URL provided in the API in both Subscription and Customer objects. These links automatically authenticate customers, so one click takes them right into the portal. Our Developer Guide explains how to implement signed portal URLs into your application.

Customising the Customer Portal

In the Design settings in your dashboard you can customise the Customer Portal.

Here you have to option to easily toggle different features and data that can be shown to your customers when they enter the portal. A preview shows how the portal will look as you change the settings.

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