Exporting subscribers

If you ever need to migrate your email subscribers to another system or want to have a local copy of your subscriber database, you can easily export them from Lemon Squeezy.

Note that a "subscriber" is either a customer who has bought a product from your store or an email subscriber added manually or via a signup form.

After you request a download you will receive an email with a download link. The file that Lemon Squeezy generates is a CSV file containing the following columns:

  • identifier - Lemon Squeezy ID
  • name - Full name
  • email - Email address
  • status - One of the following:
    • invalid_email - failed email validity check, which we run on all new customer and subscriber email addresses
    • requires_verification - waiting for double opt-in confirmation
    • subscribed - active subscriber
    • unsubscribed - unsubscribed themselves or by store owner
    • bounced - experienced a hard bounce after an email send (we will no longer attempt to deliver emails to them)
    • archived - archived by store owner
  • status_formatted - A formatted version of status (e.g. "Archived")
  • country - The country code of the subscriber's location (only available if the subscriber has bought something from your store) (e.g. "DE")
  • country_formatted - The full name of the subscriber's country (e.g. "Germany")
  • email_sends - The number of broadcasts sent
  • email_opens - The number of broadcasts opened
  • email_clicks - The number of clicks in broadcasts
  • unsubscribed_at - The date when the subscriber unsubscribed (empty if the subscriber hasn't unsubscribed)
  • created_at - The date the subscriber was created in Lemon Squeezy
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