Exporting orders

A store’s orders can be exported at any time via the Export button on the Orders page. The generated CSV file will be emailed to the store owner’s email address.

The CSV file contains the following columns:

Column nameNotes
identifierLemon Squeezy ID (only used internally)
order_numberThe order's numerical ID (displayed in your dashboard, receipts and Customer Portal)
product_nameThe name of the product purchased
variant_nameThe name of the product variant purchased
user_nameThe customer's full name
user_emailThe customer's email address
cityThe city entered at checkout (legacy field)
countryThe two-letter code of the country chosen at checkout (e.g. "DE")
postal_codeThe postcode entered at checkout
card_brandThe lowercase name of the card brand (e.g. "mastercard", "amex"). Will be empty for non-card payments
card_last_fourThe last four digits of the card. Will be empty for non-card payments
currencyThe currency displayed at checkout (payments are always made in USD)
currency_rateThe exchange rate used at checkout to display in your store's currency, in decimal format (e.g. "7.75". Will be "1" if currency is USD)
subtotalThe price of the product, in USD cents (e.g. $10 will be "1000")
discount_totalThe total discount amount applied to the order, in USD cents (e.g. $10 will be "1000")
taxThe tax total of the order, in USD cents (e.g. $10 will be "1000")
totalThe total charged to the customer, in USD cents (e.g. $10 will be "1000")
tax_nameThe type of tax added to the order (e.g. "VAT", "GST", "Sales tax")
tax_rateTax rate percentage, in decimal format (e.g. "7.75", "0")
tax_numberOptional tax number added by the customer at checkout
date_utcWhen the order was placed, in UTC
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