The Lemon Squeezy Marketplace provides the perfect platform to share your products with the world. Increase visibility, excitement and sales around your digital products with ease with our new marketplace. All products on the marketplace will be opt-in, and you’ll have to meet a few small requirements in order to list your products.

Marketplace fees

When you have listed a product and made a sale on the marketplace, a flat 30% fee will be deducted to cover operating costs and platform fees. This is a flat fee that replaces the standard Lemon Squeezy platform fees.

Marketplace payouts

Payouts from any marketplace sales will roll into your standard Lemon Squeezy payout schedule. A separate line-item showing marketplace earnings will be included in your payout details and invoices too, so you can always view and distinguish marketplace earnings alongside any existing sales that you might have on Lemon Squeezy.

Lemon Squeezy remains the Merchant of Record for all marketplace sales, meaning we are responsible for handle all sales tax and VAT, so you don’t have to.

Product eligibility

In order for a product to be eligible for listing on the marketplace, it must first meet a few simple criteria. The product must have reached at least 3 sales on your own Lemon Squeezy store, or had at least $50 in total sales.

Once eligible, your product(s) will become visible on the Products > Marketplace tab. From here you will be able to begin the listing and approval process.


In order to maintain a high standard across the Lemon Squeezy marketplace we will be screening all products for quality and consistency, both with the product and the marketplace listing itself. Please allow a few working days for your listing to be processed once it is submitted.

If your listing is accepted it will go live on the marketplace and it can begin receiving sales immediately and it will be promoted in a number of ways on the marketplace and to our wider audience where possible.

Please note that any changes made to the live listing will result in it going back into the approval queue before it can go live again.


If a product listing is rejected, you will be provided with some context explaining the decision, and where possible some guidance will be given about improvements that could be made to the product or listing.

We will continue to evolve and perfect the approval and rejection process over time.

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