Link variables

When adding "Product Links" or using the "Button link" fields of your product settings, there is a range of placeholders which can be used to insert certain order data into the redirect URL (e.g. as query string parameters).

These are available in the Product Links, Confirmation modal button, and Receipt button.

  • [license_key] - the customer's license key (if license keys are enabled on your product)
  • [order_id] - the order ID (you could use this to query the API)
  • [email] - the customer's email
  • [name] - the customer's name
  • [total] - a formatted order total, for example €24.99

You can include multiple variables like this:[order_id]&email=[email]&total=[total]

These placeholders will be replaced with the real order values when a customer purchases your product.

You can then use this data when they click through to your URL. This can be used to improve the onboarding experience for new customers by displaying their order data on your site, or automatically processing their license key.

Note: customers might not click on the button in the confirmation modal so these details shouldn't be relied on for fulfilling an order. Make sure you use webhooks for this instead.

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